About us

Pacific Surf Nosara was created from passion to the things we love. Surfing, yoga, and nature are in the core of everything we offer. We are located in Nosara, a friendly and fun beach town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. In front of us is the ocean, and in the background, the tropical jungle and the unique wild life of the area of Guanacaste.

Pacific Surf Nosara has its doors open to anyone that feels that a vacation should be different. Each of us in the company is dedicated to provide a unique experience to our guests. It means that behind every action we take and behind every word we say we put people first. We want to connect our guests to Surfing, yoga, and nature.

Through surfing we connect to water and the ocean. Water is very relaxing and has the power to wash away negativity and stress. We believe that our guests can acquire basic surfing skills and become independent surfers. Our intention is to give our guests the skillset that will allow them to pick up a surfboard anywhere in the world, go into the water, and start having fun!

Through yoga we immerse in the world of serenity while building and reinforcing our core muscles and improving our flexibility. Yoga helps to expand the body’s limits and also tone the muscles. Yoga and surfing work very well together, since flexibility is a key component in surfing. During our yoga sessions, our guests can improve their level of awareness to the surroundings, which can be very important when trying to surf in the ocean.

Nature is surrounding us everywhere we go. From the morning juice, squeezed fresh from local fruit, to the beach, and back in the resort, we handpicked locations that represent and sustain a connection with nature for our guests. Nosara is a gateway to nature and together we can explore the wildlife and the rich environment of the jungle. Our guests can watch the sea turtles come to shore to lay their eggs, take a canopy tour and see the jungle from the tree tops

Pacific Surf Nosara connects people to nature through surfing and yoga and offers a unique concept of eco-tourism in Costa Rica.

Honesty is our most valued asset. We believe that honesty is the foundation of any successful relationship. Relationships are what companies are made of both in the inner circle and the dialog with clients. We always want to know we did our best to let our clients know what they are buying and who they are going to spend their vacation with.

Safety is very important element we can offer our clients. We make sure to use the right gear, choose the right accommodations, and recommend the best restaurants and activities to ensure your vacation will be and feel safe. Our team is expected to be there for our clients every day and make our clients feel welcome, safe, and secure.

Pure and Simple are the two guidelines we follow at Pacific Surf Nosara. Pura Vida is the essence of life in Costa Rica and especially the region of Guanacaste where we are located. Pure for us means to enjoy life as it is and live in harmony with nature. Simple is what we do. A vacation shouldn't be complicated because it is meant to be fun and relaxing. Every package or service we provide will include everything you need in order to fully enjoy the experience.

Non-commercial is the path we like to take our company through. Although we enjoy making a living from what we do, we believe that money will come when we are busy doing the things we love. It doesn't mean that we sell our services for free, but it means that we are willing to do extra things for our clients because we are not measuring everything we do by the dollar.