Costa Rica Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Our tours will take you from the river up to the hills with breathtaking views of the ocean, beaches and mangroves, through jungle trails and along the beaches of Nosara or Ostional. The horses are trained and educated by an experienced trainer - reliable, friendly horses, which give beginners as well as advanced riders a real pleasure! Our horses are regularly checked by our veterinarian and our farrier. They are kept in roomy and clean stables, well fed and treated. We offer only guided tours and groups are never mixed. Our guides speak English, Spanish and German, and give detailed explanations of the flora and fauna. Children from 7 years of age can join us on the tour.

Ridley Sea Turtle

Ridley Turtle (Sea Turtle) Tour

Location: Ostional National Wildlife Refuge

This wildlife refuge is near Nosara and extends from Punta India in the north to Playa Guiones in the south and includes Playa Nosara and Playa Ostional. It was created in 1992 and contains 248-hectares (600-acres) of land.

The Ostional National Wildlife Refuge was created to protect the Olive Ridley sea turtle, which comes to nest from July to November.

The nesting season peaks in August to October. This reserve is one of the main nesting grounds in Costa Rica.

A small species of sea turtle, the Olive Ridley weighs up to 45kg (115 lbs). Although endangered, there are a few beaches in the world where the Olive Ridley nests en mass — up to 1,000 at a time. Scientists believe that this behavior is meant to overwhelm predators which may help the species survive.

The conservation plan allows the locals to harvest the first laying of eggs. Because the first laying of eggs is often trampled by waves or subsequent turtles coming to nest, the locals harvest these first batches. The livelihood of the community is maintained by this harvesting. The local villagers are vigilant about poaching eggs to prevent infringing on their enterprise.

Near the southeastern edge, there is a small mangrove swamp where visitors can find good bird watching.

Costa Rica Snorkling

Snorkeling Adventure

Half a day spent in a small town 45 minutes driving from nosara named San Juanilo. All snorkeling equipment included.

For travelers who come to Costa Rica in search of the ‘true’ Costa Rican experience, San Juanilo has been providing just that and more to travelers from every spot on the globe for decades. The village itself is relatively small, which makes for a cultural experience that is nothing short of pure and traditional daily life for anyone who is a “Tico.”