Frequently Asked Questions

What level of surfing skills are required to participate in the lessons?

Our surfing lessons take place in Playa Guiones, a beach that works very well for beginners and pro surfers alike. Our lessons are intended for beginners that want to acquire basic surfing skills, and also for medium level surfers that would like to improve their existing surfing skills.


Are there any immunes required before arriving to Costa Rica?

Malaria and Hepatitis are not common is our region. However, it is always recommended to consult with a doctor before traveling overseas.


What are the accepted payment methods in Costa Rica?

Local currency is always a good idea to have in your wallet. U.S. currency is widely accepted, especially in hotels, car rentals, airlines, and tourist attractions. Visa is accepted in most businesses. MasterCard is accepted in about 50% of businesses. American Express, Discover and Diners are not commonly accepted. Traveler's Checks are not very welcome in Costa Rica and will, in most cases, required a trip to the bank to be exchanged for cash.


Are the locals in Costa Rica friendly towards visitors?

Costa Ricans reside in a warm central American climate. The Costa Rican culture is very warm and welcoming towards visitors, including families with children. Costa Ricans are usually very friendly and will try to help visitors. If you know a little bit Spanish don't be afraid to use it. The overall feeling in Nosara is laid back and easygoing, and you are unlikely to feel rushed in restaurants and in stores. In order to fully experience Costa Rica we recommend our visitors to communicate and spend some times getting to know the locals.


Can I speak English in Nosara?

Since Nosara gets a lot of visitors from other countries throughout the year, many of the locals do speak English. There are also a lot of American and European business owners in Nosara that are likely to speak English. If you know some Spanish, Nosara can be a good place to improve your skills in the language. The locals are very understanding if you are not completely fluent.


What does "Pura Vida!" means?

Pura Vida is a part of the culture in Costa Rica. It can mean different things, such as "pure life", "all is well", "good life" and even "hello" or "goodbye". Costa Ricans are trying very hard to maintain their environment and develop their country along-side with nature. Life is Costa Rica is very good and that is the reason "Pura Vida!" is used to describe the unique life in Costa Rica.


Will I see the Olive Ridley Turtle?

The Olive Ridley Turtles (a kind of sea turtle) come to shore in season (Apr-Nov) to lay their eggs. If you plan your trip right, there is a chance you will get to see an "arrivada" which means a large group of turtles. Let us know if you are interested to see the Olive Ridley Turtles.


Are there bugs in Nosara?

Nosara resides by the ocean, in a warm weather. Mosquitoes and other small bugs can be present, but usually will not become a serious problem. It is recommended to bring bug repellent with you or purchase one in local stores. It is also important to check your shoes every time before you put them on for scorpions.