For the past two weeks, I have gone surfing every day, eaten only fruits/veggies and beans, met an amazing amount of awesome people, gone so much deeper into my self spiritually, fell in love and have yet to put a shirt on. 

Might have been the best two weeks of my life. ¨
Kylor Melton , NY 

Dear Yati,
Thanks so much for this morning , it was a truly "zen" expirience.
pura vida 
Paz chelsez, Mexico

Dear Yati,
On my secound day in Costa Rica the Tao straitly lead me to you , and on the third day 
i was allready riding the waves.
thank you for all , it was just so simple! 

Ales liebe Mexico

Expect , the unexpected , thank you for a unexpected day, i will never forget the feeling of riding the wave.
Mariel USA